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Nathanael Lewis is, depending when you catch him, a theologian, author, poet, speaker, pianist, composer, song-writer....   Joke teller, although there is considerable debate on that one.  He has also been involved in human rights work.  

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Published books

Nathanael has written a number of books, some of them published.    All his published works are available worldwide in paperback and kindle format on Amazon, plus signed - or unsigned - hard copies are available in the UK from the author.   The only exception is the human rights report he co-wrote, available only from the charity it was written for.  

Rapture Rupture
Falsifying the Fathers
The Rapture Trap
Rapture Reality Check
The Genesis of Geology
The Targeting of Minority Others in Pakistan
Rapture Rupture

Anyone remotely familiar with the evangelical thought-world will likely have come across the phenomenally best-selling' 'Left Behind' series of books and movies by the late Tim Lahaye (or, if you are from an older generation 'the Late Great Planet Earth').  These have popularized the notion of 'the rapture', a 19th Century view that has become extremely popular in many evangelical circles, often touted as the only truly 'scriptural' view of the end times.   Although the Left Behind series is fiction, its authors and proponents fervently believe they are following the bible.   In one of his non-fiction works Tim LaHaye offered a much-copied table of 15 'scriptural proofs' of the 'Pre-Tribulation Rapture' beliefs behind this view.  In this book, theologian Nathanael Lewis systematically destroys these 'proofs', demonstrating that they are contradictory (and in a few cases, made up) and deeply and dangerously deceptive.   The revised version includes a number of detailed appendices, exposing related issues of flawed thinking.  

Falsifying the Fathers

An updated version of his original book, Rapture Rupture, resulted in one appendix growing into this work, arguably the most detailed study of beliefs about the 'Rapture', the anti-Christ and the Tribulation in the early church writers.   Pretty exhaustive research resulted in conclusive demonstration that the claims that the Pre-Tribulation rapture was ever taught in the first half of church history are entirely false, uncovering outright fraud and extremely deceptive editing of early church writers along the way.   It well demonstrates it's repeated mantra that 'If anyone tells you the early church fathers believed in the Rapture, they are lying to you, no matter how sincerely they may believe it.'  A must for anyone who wants to find out the truth of what the early church taught on the issue - there was a remarkable unanimity on this subject, right across theological and regional divides and centuries and changing theological fashions.   

The Rapture Trap

Despite the provocative subtitle and lurid cover art, this is in fact a highly detailed and systematic study of the idea of a secret 'rapture'.   

Currently with 100% review rate on Amazon, it is absolutely packed with detail, it covers many areas, such as :

- the rise and fundamental flaws of the 'dispensationalist' approach behind rapture beliefs and the way they completely contradict Paul in Romans

- an examination of covenants in the bible, said by one reviewer of an early draft to be 'the best treatment of the relationship of biblical covenants I have ever seen'

- a detailed chronological examination of the development of 'Day of the Lord' and similar end days phrases through both Testaments

- a systematic study of all New Testament texts related to the issue

- a key to understanding the structure of Revelation and exactly where any 'rapture' like events appear in it and why

- a passionate exposition of just why it matters, in the light of the Chinese church's experience of the devastating impact of rapture teaching.  

Rapture Reality Check

Get confused about all these rapture timing debates?   Want something, short and simple without being simplistic?   Look no further than this book, which covers three key bible passages and shows how they fit together simply and easily - Jesus' words on the last days in Matthew 24, and Paul's teaching on the same subject in 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, which are based closely on Jesus' own teaching.   Once you understand the Jewish background of the New Testament it becomes easy!  Plus, check out the ancient solution to the prickly 'who is the restrainer' issue that has long dogged readers of 2 Thessalonians.  Finally, it shows from just one verse how the very first thing Jesus said when asked about the last days was a powerful prophetic warning about popular but deceptive 'scriptural' rapture beliefs of many evangelicals today.  

The Genesis of Geology

This short book is based on a talk relating to the biblical book of Genesis and the origins of the scientific discipline of geology, covering the development of relevant ideas from the classical world through to the 19th Century.  It is based on a longer work by another writer, but brings out some basic, little known historical background and covers 

- How the church ended up wedded to a pagan scientific philosophy that hampered scientific progress for centuries 

- How the founder of modern geology is on the verge of becoming a Catholic saint, and how a key idea of his turned out to be catastrophically wrong 

- How Darwin was groomed by a devious geologist for maximum effect in a vicious political powerplay that has shaped today’s understanding of the history of the world. 

Fossils, fraud, Freemasonry, revolutionary politics, secret societies, and a dastardly 30 year plan all feature. Who knew that investigating dry rocks and fossil ideas could reveal such a story?

The Targeting of Minority Others in Pakistan

Nathanael was a major contributor to this massive human rights report.  Responsible for researching and writing the section on Christians, which occupies about a third of the work, as well as helping assist in editing the rest, he was a speaker at the launch of the report in the Houses of Parliament.   

Human rights work

Nathanael Lewis has also spent a number of years in human rights work relating to Pakistani Christians.   That's him in the foreground, at the Houses of Parliament during the launch of that report mentioned in the books section: The Targeting of the 'Minority Other' in Pakistan.  

It was an interesting day, TV Cameras, the odd bishop or two, some people from a Pakistani ethnic minority who apparently believed that touching others defiled them, so they were putting their flyers on people's seats instead of handing them out, plus the odd politician or two, including the host, Andrew Stephenson, MP for Pendle.   

His work with the charity consisted largely of research and writing, including preparing expert reports in appeal cases where Pakistani Christians had their  initial asylum claims rejected.  It also involved speaking at a major Christian conference in London and on one of UK's leading Islamic TV stations.  

He has retained several contacts in Pakistan, and is currently involved in a campaign to raise funds to help Pakistani Christians who are starving because of the Covid 19 crisis.   

Planned Apologetics website

Plans are afoot to create a basic 'introduction to the Christian faith' website, that can be expanded over time into a apologetics website.    Watch this space.....


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